FFF Travel Companion Guide


PRICE: $12.50 + $2.50 shipping/handling.

The Road to Florida Travel Companion Guide is a whole NEW approach to being healthy. It’s simple, realistic and fun. 

If you’ve given up on every other diet and exercise program, this is for you. The Travel Companion Guide helps you follow the Fairly Fit Female Plan, and motivates you to live a healthier lifestyle, for good.

(The FFF Plan consists of 3 Daily Goals and two ongoing guidelines. They’re covered in the Guide. They’re simple. You might think they’re too easy! But they’ll create a shift that will change the way you feel and look.)

“I’m enjoying the program so much! Thanks for putting together a program that’s realistic and fun. Following the P+P Meal Plan is surprisingly simple!”

-Jeannie S

This isn’t a temporary fix. It’s different than any other program out there: it’s a lifestyle – it’s realistic fitness for everyday life.

The Road to Florida is an analogy – you’ll read all about it on Day One. It will remind you every day not to quit, just because you fail. We all screw up! The key is to get back on “the Road” as soon as you can.


$12.50 + $2.50 shipping (yes this is a real, paper guide I’ll print and mail to you!).

I love this Guide so much, I bought it for my sister and my niece, and I’m recommending it to others. This is a realistic program that makes sense. I truly believe I can take charge of my health.  For the first time, I have hope.”

-Joan W

Each day you’ll find:

  • An encouraging message
  • A motivational quote
  • A place for daily gratitude
  • A spot to check off your basic three goals
  • A few lines for you to write your thoughts, called “Travel Notes”

The Travel Companion Guide will give you the road map, and keep you company along the journey. 

“I’ve lost over 10 pounds, and kept them off! Thanks to my Fairly Fit Female sister Kay Miller! I am on the road to Florida baby!!!”

-Trudy M

You don’t have to do this alone. Buy the Guide and you’ll be invited into our Private Facebook Group, where we’ll be supporting and cheering for each other.

I’ve been on the Road with you for four years now! Because of FFF, I’m happier, feel more balanced, and much better at showing myself grace. I’m 10 pounds lighter, and keeping that weight off has been simpler than I’d ever imagined. Best of all, I can still enjoy life (including food and wine) without feeling guilty. It’s all part of the journey!”

-Karen K

The Fairly Fit Female Travel Companion Guide is a pocket-sized book/journal that will keep you encouraged and on track each day. Being a Fairly Fit Female is a lifelong journey. We’re Fairly Fit Female sisters, and the Travel Companion Guide will help you as you travel along your own Road to Florida.

I’ll be cheering for you when you succeed. When you fail, I’ll encourage you get back up and try one more time. Buy the Guide, and take a step toward transforming your life. You can do this. I believe in you!

I’ll see you on the Road to Florida!

Before I found FFF, I hated myself for being a quitter. I’d never found anything I could stick with, long term. Fairly Fit Female has given me a simple plan, and the tools and encouragement to change my life. 

-Leslie P

Fairly Fit Female isn’t something else I have to do. It’s doing what I already do, differently. Being fit always seemed too hard – and too far out of reach. The FFF Plan is realistic, and there’s so little I have to keep track of. It works!

-Kathi L