The Road to Florida

USMapThe “Road to Florida” is a reminder not to quit, just because you fail. That’s important, because everybody fails.

The Road to Florida is an imaginary trip. Pretend with me for a minute:

You’re taking a trip. In a car. Or maybe an RV. (Hey, it’s imaginary, so you might as well go for it.)

Either way, you’re driving. To Florida. Florida’s a pretty cool place, and you’ve always wanted to go there. Maybe you want to see the beaches or theme parks, or swamps and ‘gators.

You’re tootling along in your awesome imaginary RV, listening to music, when you realize you’re going the wrong way.

Whaaattt? You must have made a wrong turn! Something happened, and you’re not headed to Florida anymore. Kind of like the scene in the movie Dumb and Dumber, when Harry sleeps through the night, and Lloyd accidentally drives hundreds of miles AWAY from Aspen. (It’s Kelly’s fault that I know that movie so well.)

Maybe you goofed up the GPS programming. Or your husband did. Anyway, you suddenly realize you’re on the road to somewhere else, like North Dakota.

What would you do?

I’m pretty sure you’d stop. You’d curse the new-fangled technology that got you lost, or the old-fangled husband who goofed up the programming. He’d gripe about missing the good old days, when you used MAPS.

You’d remind him of the time he got lost, USING A MAP…

Wait. Let’s not imagine a fight on your imaginary trip.

The point is, if you got on the wrong road, you’d get back on the right one. You wouldn’t give up on your plan. You’d be a little bummed that it was going to take longer to get there. But you wouldn’t settle for the middle of nowhere, when your heart was set on Florida.

Same thing when you’re a Fairly Fit Female. Try to make healthy choices. But when you blow it, don’t give up on where you’re going. Being a Fairly Fit Female isn’t “all or nothing.” There are ups and downs. Good days and bad. When you flub, you don’t have to start over. Failure is part of the plan!

You might do ok for an entire meal. You might make it all day. Or a week!

But at some point, YOU WILL BLOW IT.

Then what?

Are you still going to Florida? Are you still getting healthy? Are you still on your way to feeling better, looking better and having more energy? Are you still lowering your cholesterol, blood pressure and risk of Diabetes?

Are you still going to live a long, full, life?

Yes, you are.

You’ve got this, my Fairly Fit Female sister. Get back on the Road to Florida, because we’re on the road together. And neither of us can do this road alone.

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail.”
-Nelson Mandela