FFF 30 Day Guide







Hey! You are special, and so is this price. YOU can order the FAIRLY FIT FEMALE 30 DAY GUIDE FOR just $14.95 (immediate download).

This is a simple “Baby Step” plan that will ease you into the FFF Plan, which consists of:

  1. Water
  2. Walking
  3. Eating more V/F (Veggies and Fruits)
  4. Controlling hunger and energy with a simple trick called: “P+P”

This is an easy-to-read Guide that’s also easy to do. Really.

(This is a download. If you want a printed, bound copy signed by yours truly,  email me for price and details.)

“I’m enjoying the program so much! Thanks for putting together a program that’s realistic and fun. I look forward to the daily emails, your stories and pep talks. Following the P+P Meal Plan is surprisingly simple!”

-Jeannie S

The Fairly Fit Female 30 Day Guide isn’t a diet…because diets don’t work! This a Realistic Lifestyle Plan. It will help you get healthier, feel better and look better.

“I’ve lost 4 pounds! Thanks to my Miller sister and BFF Kay Miller! I am on the road to Florida baby!!!”

-Trudy M

Speaking of Weight Loss…as part of this program you’ll have the option to do the “Three Pound Weight Loss Challenge.” This is the way to do it if you’re more interested in losing weight PERMANENTLY, rather than quickly. The main focus of FFF isn’t losing weight. The purpose is for you to live a healthy lifestyle that lasts. When you do that, and you’re overweight, gradual weight loss is usually the result.

More about the FFF Plan:

No gym required. No calorie counting. Hunger is a big no-no.

You’ll only pay $14.95, and that includes the Guide, 30 days of emails (optional but recommended) and the Private Facebook group (optional but recommended).

The only other thing you’ll need to buy (unless you have one) is a Fitbit Activity Monitor.

Join me, and we’ll go through a 30 Day program that I believe will change your life, for good.

I love this program so much, I bought it for my sister and my niece, and I’m recommending it to others. This is a realistic program that makes sense. I truly believe I can take charge of my health.  For the first time, I have hope.”

-Joan W

Your body is the only one you’ll ever have. Make this investment in yourself.I’ll see you on the Road to Florida!

Kay Miller, Fairly Fit Female