Dealing with temptation

img_8428.jpgI just came back from a relaxing and fun weekend with my FFF sister Trudy. There was a neighborhood reunion at her beautiful vacation home on Hood Canal. I was lucky enough to be invited along – a lot of people, fun and FOOD. (And luckily some walking.)

The food was so good! Fresh crab and oysters…and a plethora of gourmet choices to go with them – prepared right at the beach. It’s hard not to overdo it when there are so many choices. I thought I’d share my best strategies for dealing with temptations when they come up. Basically, you have THREE Fairly Fit Female options:

  • Say no. It’s hard to do, but sometimes your willpower comes out of hiding (lol) and you’re able to turn it down. (I did that with the brownies and chips.)
  • Embrace it. Eat whatever tempts you and savor every bite. Immerse yourself in the experience so that when you’re finished, you got your money’s worth (or calorie’s worth) in pleasure. No guilt, just the awareness that you just enjoyed a special treat. (I did that with the rice krispy treats and french fries.)
  • Eat it, but eat less of it. This is the best option, but how do you do it?  I have FFF Tips and tricks to help you do that (some of the best are in my FFF Startup Guide). I’ll give you one for now: eat P+P with your treat. You’ll eat less of it than you would if you ate it alone (I did that with the veggie frittata I had for breakfast – which I ate with my treat – a croissant.)

Those are my strategies for dealing with temptations. Pick one, and make a Fairly Fit Female decision. If it’s not the best one, let it go and get back on the Road to Florida.img_8438.jpg