Happy Birthday to me

Mom Kel obsidian3Today’s my birthday. My daughter, Kelly, told me once that if you’re going to lie about your age, you should lie older. That way people will think you look really good for your age. So today I turn 60.

Okay, that’s not true. Today’s my 57th birthday. But I do like the way I look. I feel good, too. I have some pretty good genes to work with. But I still have to work at it. When I made a shift to being a Fairly Fit Female, it made a huge difference. I started focusing on getting healthy. I stuck to a process, instead of trying to lose weight (which I’d done many other times. Diets always led to temporary results.)

Along with looking and feeling good, I’m confident I’ll continue to be strong and fit as I get older. What do I do? I follow the Fairly Fit Female Plan. You can read the plan in the 30 Day Startup Guide, or the Road to Florida Travel Companion Guide.

The plan ¬†sounds so simple, you might think it’s too easy. But it’s not. The challenge comes in making it an ongoing lifestyle, and not a temporary fix like most other programs out there.IMG_3929

The good news is, I can do this. You can too. We can live the Fairly Fit Female Lifestyle. We can be strong, healthy and fit, for the rest of our lives.

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