The satisfaction of never giving up is stronger


I’ve written a couple blogs about Diana Nyad, who swam from Cuba to Florida, succeeding on her fifth try. Nyad faced horrendous obstacles.

From “Extreme swimmer Diana Nyad has completed her longest swim yet … at the age of 64. Over the weekend, Nyad attempted the swim from Havana, Cuba, to the coast of Florida for the fifth time, and this time finished the ambitious 110-mile swim. The swim took Nyad a total of 53 hours — and made her the first person to complete this swim without the security of a shark cage.”

I saw this story in Parade Magazine, with excerpts of an interview with Nyad. I read every word. My favorite part was when the interviewer asked how it felt to have finally succeeded at such a daunting task:

Qustion: How high are you now, having overcome the obstacles (of the swim)?

Her answer: “Actually, the satisfaction that I never gave up is stronger than the joy of making it.”

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