Halloween candy

Here’s some of the Halloween candy that’s waiting for trick-or -treaters. Nevemind that we usually only get about 10. You gotta be prepared, right? 

What do you do to cope with candy in the house? I usually let myself have whatever I want – but ONLY ON HALLOWEEN. 

What’s your strategy? 



I’ve been really bad at being prepared for the day lately. Yesterday my afternoon snack was a package of Sour Patch kids. Today will be different, doggone it!  


Movie night 

Tonight we saw the movie, “Sully,” with Tom Hanks.  My palms were sweating during the crash scenes, and the tension had me shoveling milk duds into my face one after another.

I didn’t eat the WHOLE box though. I considered my restraint rather heroic, actually. 
Me and Sully, we’re heroes: he for landing a disabled plane, brilliantly and selflessly saving 155 people. Me for not eating ALL my Milk Duds while watching him do it. 

JK of course, but it did feel good to have just a little restraint. Even though I’d eaten most of the box before I did it, I said NO. 

Bottom line: I made a Fairly Fit choice by throwing some of them way. #NoFeelsGood



Here’s my egg scramble with steamed (microwaved) broccoli and a sprinkle of cheese. Great way to start the day with a P+P!


The FFF Plan

IMG_8168Most diets and exercise programs work – until you quit. This is different – it’s a lifestyle, and it boils down to three simple goals you strive for every day:

Daily Goal #1 – Water: Each day, drink 48 ounces water (6 cups). Natural flavors, a slice of fruit and/or carbonation are ok, but no chemicals or sweeteners.

Daily Goal #2 – Walk: Walk 6,000 steps a day, preferably measured by your Fitbit pedometer.

Daily Goal #3 – Veggies/fruits: Each day, eat 5 servings of veggies and fruits. A serving is one cup raw or a half-cup cooked.

Plus two guidelines:

Eat 5 times per day: The general recommendation: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner. Don’t go too long without eating. Don’t let yourself get too hungry.

P+P: Each meal/snack should include a protein and a produce. (See a list of ideas in the back of this guide). The P+P combination will keep hunger at bay, and your blood sugar and energy steady.

Following the FFF Plan, even imperfectly, will make a positive difference in your life. Join the FFF sisterhood and you’ll feel better, look better and be better. Believe it can happen, and it will.


Looking at life through the filter of gratitude

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”-Wayne Dyer

This is a great quote to read as I decide on my three daily gratitudes (coming up with 3 things to be grateful for is part of the FFF Guide). 

1) Trees (and shade!) 

2) Olympic athletes who inspire 

3) my daughter, who lovingly encourages me to be better and reach higher 


Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps is an overcomer.



IMG_8410“He who has health, has hope. And he who has hope, has everything.”

-Benjamin Franklin

The easiest FFF habit is to drink water. It may be the easiest, but you have to pay attention. Then, after awhile it becomes a habit.

If you aren’t in the habit yet, start small. Drink one cup of water. Drink it in the morning, or as soon as you can. Drink it before your coffee, or tea…before you do anything else (except maybe pee, lol).

What kind of water? I’m talking plain water. No flavors or added chemicals. It can be tap, bottled or filtered. Cold, warm or hot.

I have a Brita pitcher, and it makes tap water taste better (and filters out some of the chemicals). We also have water delivered from Crystal Springs at home – especially handy because you can choose cold or hot water. At work, we have Crystal Springs filtered water, too, with the same options.

In the car, I either have a water bottle, and as a back-up, regular bottles of water (I keep a case of water in the trunk).

Not too hard, right? One cup of water is a measly eight measly ounces.

Want flavors, or sweeteners?  You can have those, later. Heck, you can even have a diet soda. After you drink one plain cup of water.

Your ultimate goal is to get drink six cups per day (48 ounces). But making big changes all at once? It doesn’t last. So start small: just drink one.

Wait. Do you REALLY need to drink water? Some people say you don’t. But if you want to be a Fairly Fit Female, you need to drink water.

Let me tell you a story:

A few years ago, my dad mentioned that his doctor told him he didn’t need to drink water. According to his doctor, “you can get the water you need from the foods you eat.”

I told my dad that sounded “Cray Cray.”

(I had to explain – he’s not super-hip like me.)

Fast forward to November. Steve, Kelly and I spent Thanksgiving with family at my cousin Blake’s house. A group of about twelve of us spent the whole day cooking, socializing playing and eating and drinking.

After dinner, we were playing cards, when my dad started to slump over. Scary! I grabbed him, and asked what was wrong. My dad said, “I can’t see very well…”

My cousin Craig, who is a nurse, immediately launched into medical mode, trying to analyze the cause of my dad’s collapse.

One of the most frightening possibilities: my dad was having a stroke. Craig instructed him:

“Bill,” he said. “Hold your arms straight out in front of you.”

My dad was slurring his words. He couldn’t hold his arms up.

The hospital was only two blocks away: could we get him there? My dad is 6’3 (maybe a little shorter, he’s shrinking, lol) and weighs about 175 pounds. As we tried to lift him, he felt like dead weight.

You know how bad things seem to happen in slow-mo? That’s what it felt like. It was great to have Craig there, as he rationally listed our options.

“He needs to get to the hospital. But if we try to lift him and can’t, he could fall and hit his head.”

“Call 911,” someone said.

The ambulance soon arrived, and in walked the stereotypically hot EMTs and Paramedics. (One of them was a woman. I’m not ashamed to say she was also hot!)

Long story short: my dad collapsed because he was dehydrated.

I was shocked. He’d never appeared drunk, or even tipsy, but he’d been drinking Scotch all day – like we all had.

In the ambulance, dad was hooked up to an IV. I followed the ambulance to the hospital, as I said only two blocks away. When I walked in, there he was, already in the ER, sipping a cup of water. Looking perfectly perky.

All that worry, inconvenience and cost (the trip to the ER was billed to Medicare at $10,000) for something that could have been prevented with a little water.

Now I’m on my dad constantly about drinking water. Especially when he’s drinking coffee, or alcohol. Or, when it’s hot out (okay pretty much all the time).

NOW do you believe you should drink water?

But wait, he was already in his late 70’s when this happened…

The same thing happened to a friend of mine, only she was much younger, and she happens to be a teetotaler (I’m a party girl, but I’m open to having friends of all kinds.)

This friend was/is a Girl Scout leader – actually a regional director. She was on official business at the Girl Scout HQ when suddenly, she fainted.

I wasn’t there, but the people who were, called 911.

At the time, she was barely 50. She wasn’t drinking alcohol, or even caffeine. But she WAS running in a million directions, like a lot of us do. Though she’s normally great about drinking water, she had been busy, and somehow hadn’t.

Different story, same moral: drink water.

Your mission as a FFF is to start small. From now on, drink one cup of water, in the morning, as soon as you can. When you’re finished, congratulate yourself. You did one healthy thing! You’re a Fairly Fit Female, and you’re a success.


Dealing with temptation

img_8428.jpgI just came back from a relaxing and fun weekend with my FFF sister Trudy. There was a neighborhood reunion at her beautiful vacation home on Hood Canal. I was lucky enough to be invited along – a lot of people, fun and FOOD. (And luckily some walking.)

The food was so good! Fresh crab and oysters…and a plethora of gourmet choices to go with them – prepared right at the beach. It’s hard not to overdo it when there are so many choices. I thought I’d share my best strategies for dealing with temptations when they come up. Basically, you have THREE Fairly Fit Female options:

  • Say no. It’s hard to do, but sometimes your willpower comes out of hiding (lol) and you’re able to turn it down. (I did that with the brownies and chips.)
  • Embrace it. Eat whatever tempts you and savor every bite. Immerse yourself in the experience so that when you’re finished, you got your money’s worth (or calorie’s worth) in pleasure. No guilt, just the awareness that you just enjoyed a special treat. (I did that with the rice krispy treats and french fries.)
  • Eat it, but eat less of it. This is the best option, but how do you do it?  I have FFF Tips and tricks to help you do that (some of the best are in my FFF Startup Guide). I’ll give you one for now: eat P+P with your treat. You’ll eat less of it than you would if you ate it alone (I did that with the veggie frittata I had for breakfast – which I ate with my treat – a croissant.)

Those are my strategies for dealing with temptations. Pick one, and make a Fairly Fit Female decision. If it’s not the best one, let it go and get back on the Road to Florida.img_8438.jpg




Happy Birthday to me

Mom Kel obsidian3Today’s my birthday. My daughter, Kelly, told me once that if you’re going to lie about your age, you should lie older. That way people will think you look really good for your age. So today I turn 60.

Okay, that’s not true. Today’s my 57th birthday. But I do like the way I look. I feel good, too. I have some pretty good genes to work with. But I still have to work at it. When I made a shift to being a Fairly Fit Female, it made a huge difference. I started focusing on getting healthy. I stuck to a process, instead of trying to lose weight (which I’d done many other times. Diets always led to temporary results.)

Along with looking and feeling good, I’m confident I’ll continue to be strong and fit as I get older. What do I do? I follow the Fairly Fit Female Plan. You can read the plan in the 30 Day Startup Guide, or the Road to Florida Travel Companion Guide.

The plan  sounds so simple, you might think it’s too easy. But it’s not. The challenge comes in making it an ongoing lifestyle, and not a temporary fix like most other programs out there.IMG_3929

The good news is, I can do this. You can too. We can live the Fairly Fit Female Lifestyle. We can be strong, healthy and fit, for the rest of our lives.

Click here for my FREE Fairly Fit Female Cheat Sheet – with the FFF Plan and some super-cool tips.